Comparing Popular Steel Grades: 303, 304, and 316

Stainless steel angle bar | 316 stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the most versatile of all metals. Its demand continues to grow worldwide in large part due to advantages that stainless steel offers consumers, such as its increased formability, it’s easily welded, is corrosion resistance, has low maintenance, high strength, and has an overall attractive appearance. Once put into service, it does not need to be treated, coated or painted. (more…)

A Consumer’s Guide to Purchasing Stainless Steel Sheets

Stainless Steel Sheets

Stainless steel sheet suppliers have many grades of stainless steel available for consumers to choose from. No doubt, the choices can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. However, knowing what grade to use will ultimately be determined by what environment the stainless steel will be used in. In other words, what degree of corrosion resistance will be needed by the consumer depends on which industry the consumer is in. Will it be an indoor or an outdoor environment? Will it be used in a bathroom, a kitchen, or for architectural paneling or automotive parts? Herein is a concise guide to assist our customers to choose the right size, grade, and finish of stainless steel for whatever the job may be. (more…)

Selecting Stainless Steel Hardware and Fastener Materials

Chrome Bolts

In any job requiring fasteners, it’s imperative to choose the right stainless steel hardware best suited for the projects, whether it’s for commercial, industrial, or domestic use. Fasteners are a necessary part in any job for they literally and figuratively, hold the world together. They are the hardware devices such as nuts and bolts and washers, nails and screws, which join or affix two or more objects, but can also be removed, replaced, or dismantled without damaging the joined objects. (more…)

A Guide to Waterjet Cutting

waterjet cutting services

Conceptually speaking, take water’s inherent power of erosion and combine it with the principle of a band saw and you’d be well on your way to understanding waterjet cutting technology. Of course, that’s an oversimplified understanding of the technology. Waterjet cutting works by forcing a large volume of water through a small orifice or jewel nozzle creating a supersonic stream of water that is so powerful it can cut through materials in one pass without shredding or crushing them. (more…)

Where Can You Purchase Stainless Steel Round Bar?

round stainless steel bars

With an overall inventory totaling millions of pounds of stainless steel in stock, look no further than Atlantic Stainless to meet the needs of your company or client base. Located in the heart of New England, south of Boston, we market local and sell globally. Atlantic Stainless offers stainless steel round bars measuring from 1/16th” to 16” in diameter, and averaging between 12’ and 14’ in length. (more…)