Selecting the Correct Stainless Steel Grades

At Atlantic Stainless, we offer high-quality austenitic, martensitic, and ferritic stainless steel grades that are available in a range of forms, grades, finishes, gauges, widths, and lengths. Compared to regular steel, stainless does not easily corrode, rust, or stain making stainless steels ideal if corrosion or oxidation are a problem. For this reason, many different industries rely on stainless steel for a wide range of applications from the automotive industry to the manufacturing industry.  

How to Choose The Correct Stainless Steel Grades

While we have many steel grades available, not all are created equal. By understanding the differences in stainless steel grades, it allows you to choose with quality in mind and guarantee to make your project a success. To select the appropriate one for the project you must determine the following:

  • Formability
  • Weldability
  • Machining Properties
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Heat Treatment
  • Tensile Strength
  • Application

Depending on how you address each of the these, there is an ideal stainless steel grade for your unique application.

A Stainless Steel Supplier You Can Trust

Our experts can provide answers to any of your questions or concerns regarding stainless steel grades and assist you through the purchasing process. 

If you don’t see what you’re looking for just call one of our team members at 800.876.2700. No inquiry is too large or too small, we specialize in locating hard to find items. If you do see what you are looking, we would love to assist you and give you a quote today!