347 Stainless Steel

The 347 stainless steel grade is a stabilized alloy, due to its columbium + tantalum component within. Ideal for long-term work life in high temperatures (800-1500ºF), 347 Stainless Steel is also resistant to intergranular corrosion in the chromium carbide precipitation range. High creep and stress rupture properties are part of their superior mechanical properties.

Chemical Formula
Iron 68%, Carbon 0.08%, Chrome 17%, Manganese 2%, Nickel 11%, Niobium + Tantalum 0.8%, Phosphorus 0.045%, Sulphur 0.03%, Silicon 1%.


347 Stainless Steel Plate, 347 Stainless Steel Sheet, 347 SS Round Bar

Common Trade Names
347 Stainless, 347 Stainless Steel


  • Highly resistant to corrosion in the chromium carbide precipitation range
  • Stabilized by Niobium + Tantalum
  • High temperature range

The 347 Stainless type is ideal for many high-temperature aeronautical applications, including aircraft component manufacturing such as aircraft collector rings and exhaust stacks. Other applications where 347 Stainless Steel is chosen are boilers, exhaust manifolds, jet engine parts, mufflers for large engines and other various welded parts.

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