416 Stainless Steel

Considered the stainless steel king of machinability, 416 stainless steel achieves such outstanding levels because of the extra sulfur found in its properties. The additional sulfur forms manganese sulfide inclusions which have the effect of not only lowering the corrosion resistance, but also 416’s formability and weldability, compared to its non-free machining counterpart 410 stainless steel.

Chemical Formula
Fe, <0.15% C, 12.0-14.0% Cr, <1.25% Mn, <1.0% Si, <0.06% P, >0.15% S

416 Stainless Steel Round Bar, 416 Stainless Steel Flat Bar, 416 Stainless Steel Square Bar

Common Trade Names
416 Stainless, 416 Stainless Steel


  • Because of its poor welding qualities, individuals would be directed to use 410 grade as a placement, if welding work was needed.
  • Found relatively corrosion resistant in dry atmospheres, fresh water and moderate to mild alkalies/acids.

Similar to 410 grade, 416 stainless steel is often found used in common bolts, nuts, and gears, but it also has become commonplace in valve parts, pump and motor shafts, and washing machine components.

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