7 Important Applications for Steel Square Bars

Stainless Steel Square Bar

Although steel bars come in a variety of shapes, the geometry of square steel bars makes them stronger, as they handle pressure better than round bars. Stainless steel square bars also resist corrosion and wear extremely well, while different finishes make them useful for various applications.

Steel square bars are used in the manufacture of an array of industrial components. They are used in agriculture, oil and gas, tool and die, defense, rail, and power generation industries.

Here are 7 common applications that steel square bars are used for:

1. Brewing

Breweries use stainless steel vats to contain their product. These vats are often reinforced by steel square bars, which are normally cold-rolled. Their strength allows them to support an enormous amount of weight.

2. Fencing & Gates

Steel fencing offers a means by which homeowners can protect their property, while also providing an unobstructed view beyond their land. Square steel fencing and gates are both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Furniture

As steel bars are easily welded and bent, their flexibility makes them work well for a varied range of furniture. It’s often used for making legs for benches, chairs, tables, and stools. As such, square steel bars serve as a strong and attractive option for modern furniture.

4. General Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing, steel bars offer numerous advantages. The versatility and strength of steel square bars make them perfect for making metal components like bolts, fasteners, nuts and screws. Machinery that utilizes these steel parts helps them resist cold and carry heavy loads.

5. Grills

While metal sheets, known as expanded metal, are used for building grills, they also require a frame. When welded to the expanded metal, square bars protect the grill so that it doesn’t fray, due to their ability to withstand a fire’s heat and immense tensile strength.

6. Protective Barriers

Hot-rolled steel square bars are easily molded and can be molded into just about any shape, so are perfect for fabricating protective barriers. For example, they are used for burglar bars to keep intruders out and also can be formed into cages to keep equipment safe.

7. Railings

Railings made from stainless-steel square bars appear in modern architecture and are often utilized by today’s interior designers. Not only does stainless steel make tiled or wood stairs and landings look sleek, but it also does so less expensively than other options.

Types of Stainless Steel Square Bar Finishes

A number of finishes can be applied to stainless steel bars that alter more than just appearance. Different finishes are used for different applications. Three commonly used finishes for stainless steel square bars are:

  • Brushed finishes offer a subtle luster that features a distinctive pattern made up of parallel lines, giving it a decorative look that isn’t too glittery. Steel for air conditioners, home appliances, and water heaters is often finished this way.
  • Matte finishes are the least expensive and offer a dull appearance, so tend to be used in situations where aesthetics isn’t an issue or further finishing is needed. This finishing technique is often used for the equipment used for the chemical, dry-cleaning and laundry, paper, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Mirror finishes are made by polishing stainless steel, making it extremely reflective. This finish masks surface damage, makes cleaning easier and enhances appearance, so is used for such things as column covers, ornamental trim, reflectors, steel mirrors, and wall paneling.

Steel Square Bars From Atlantic Stainless

Atlantic Stainless offers a wide variety of stainless steel products, including square bars. The company stocks these in popular grades, including 304L, 303, 316L, 17-4 and 416. Though steel bars come in fixed lengths, some sizes can be customized and cut to order. The company additionally provides quick shipping options to get products to customers in a matter of days.

Polishing services are available as well, making surfaces aesthetically pleasing for home furnishing and architectural applications. Finishes also smooth surfaces so that they are consistent and uniform, which is particularly important for military applications. Options for finishing techniques include buffing, electroplating, abrasive polishing, and more. For more information about products and services Atlantic Services offers, contact us today.