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A Pocket Guide: Stainless Steel Specifications for Military Use

Following proper stainless steel specifications and guidelines are necessary to ensure the integrity of any application and fully function as designed, be it a fitting, fastener, or structural component, during the product’s intended service life. This is particularly important regarding applications manufactured for military use. Stainless steel is a material used widely in the defense… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About 400 Series Stainless Steel

Each type of stainless steel has distinct properties that best suit specific applications. For example, the 400 series stainless steels corrode and rust under certain conditions. With a higher carbon content, their martensitic crystalline structure gives end products higher strength and makes them more resistant to wear. For those who need to work with it… Read more »

A Comprehensive Guide to Ferritic Stainless Steel Grades

In the early 20th century, an engineer working for Union Carbide discovered a high-chromium iron alloy that resisted heat. Born in Canada, Frederick Mark Becket was looking for a way to use silicon rather than carbon as a reduction agent during metal production. His discovery would make practical the use of low-carbon iron allows and… Read more »

Working with Stainless Steel Plate Suppliers: What to Look For

Stainless steel plate is used for a variety of applications in which durability, strength, low maintenance, and corrosion resistance are important. It’s used in the construction industry to support building foundations, as well as for the auto manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, transport and aviation industries. Stainless steel plate is also used to provide structural support… Read more »

7 Important Applications for Steel Square Bars

Although steel bars come in a variety of shapes, the geometry of square steel bars makes them stronger, as they handle pressure better than round bars. Stainless steel square bars also resist corrosion and wear extremely well, while different finishes make them useful for various applications.