Atlantic Stainless Co. Celebrates 30th Year in Business

steel hardware products

Atlantic Stainless Co., Inc. of North Attleboro, MA recently celebrated the beginning of its 30th year in business as a distributor of steel hardware products, including stainless steel sheet, plate, bar, pipe, tubing and other raw materials. For the family-owned business, the entrance to a fourth decade will feature a mix of the old and new as the company continues to change and grow to serve the industry.

President Jerry Cohen and Vice President Bill Gouveia—who founded the company together in the early 1980s—remain in their respective positions, providing tremendous stability for the stainless steel supplier. With Jerry’s son Jeff Cohen also on board as vice president of sales, Atlantic Stainless is positioned to continue under solid professional management for the next generation to come.

“Our customers appreciate the consistency and dependability we have been able to provide to them over the last three decades,” the elder Cohen said recently. “Stability is an important part of our industry,” he said, “and with all the changes in ownership that have gone on throughout the stainless business, we continue to steadily maintain our record of service while only increasing our capabilities.”

Cohen also thanked Atlantic Stainless customers for the critical role they have played in the company’s success and said the future holds improvements for them, as Atlantic sets about instituting technology improvements and software changes. “Our industry has grown and changed tremendously over the last thirty years or so, and we have grown and changed along with it,” he remarked. Cohen also noted that the company has revamped its entire IT system, which will be fully implemented by sometime this summer.