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Steel Vendors FAQs: Everything You Want to Know

When working with steel vendors, they must be knowledgeable about the products they supply to your business and all the different steels they sell, their applications and specific properties. They should also have a good idea about products they don’t sell but which are crucial to the industry.

Update on Nickel Prices

As many of you are well aware, this is a strange and difficult time in the metals business. Demand has been high, inventory has been low, transportation costs have soared, labor is in short supply, and events across the world have been reshaping the way companies of all kinds and sizes now have to do… Read more »

Bob Laurano Joins Atlantic Stainless Team!

It is with great pleasure that we here at Atlantic Stainless announce Bob Laurano has joined our company as a Territorial Sales Manager. As his customers know, Bob brings with him tremendous experience in our industry and a well-deserved reputation of placing the needs of his customers first. We are proud to have him join… Read more »

What is the Standard Size of Stainless Steel Sheets?

At Atlantic Stainless, we know that our customers count on us for the highest quality stainless steel products for their applications in a wide range of industries, but they also rely on us for helpful information. Although we offer an extensive range of stainless steel product types, one of the most common questions we receive… Read more »