Bill Gouveia Discusses What It Means to Be a Successful Stainless Steel Service Center

Bill Gouveia | VP of Atlantic Stainless Steel Service Center

[North Attleboro, Massachusetts – July 14, 2019]

The VP of Atlantic Stainless, Bill Gouveia, has recently written a ‘From the Editor’ piece for Metal Center News about the fundamentals of running a stainless steel service center. Having evolved as much as it has in the past few decades, it’s crucial to understand the foundation of the stainless steel industry – regardless of the quality of your materials, if you’re not able to efficiently process and deliver it to your consumers, you won’t last long.

“That’s the delicate dance stainless steel service centers must perform today, making sure their moves regarding material are in full sync with their partners on the service side. It sounds simple, but one misstep can ruin the whole production number and get you that dreaded low score from the judges.”

Given this, customization and specialization are the cruces of our stainless service center, making us less into a “one-stop” mecca but more of a niche for all our customers’ stainless steel needs. Ultimately, though, Gouveia notes that despite the technology that has come with the times, service centers are only as good as the people who work them. They allow companies like Atlantic Stainless to focus on not just the stainless, but the services.

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