Update on Nickel Prices

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As many of you are well aware, this is a strange and difficult time in the metals business.

Demand has been high, inventory has been low, transportation costs have soared, labor is in short supply, and events across the world have been reshaping the way companies of all kinds and sizes now have to do business.

The latest situation to arise in the stainless world is the nickel crisis. The unbelievable increase in the price of nickel, which led to trading of that commodity being suspended by the LME, has driven already high stainless prices into the stratosphere. Prices are rising daily, beyond the control of any of us.

Here at Atlantic Stainless, we are doing all we can to protect our customers. Keeping inventory available and reasonably priced is a huge challenge, but we are trying our best. We are making major commitments to ensure our customers have access to what they need to run their businesses. It’s not easy – but as we have for the past nearly 40 years, Atlantic Stainless remains committed to you now and in the future.