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Steel Vendors FAQs: Everything You Want to Know

When working with steel vendors, they must be knowledgeable about the products they supply to your business and all the different steels they sell, their applications and specific properties. They should also have a good idea about products they don’t sell but which are crucial to the industry.

Working with Stainless Steel Plate Suppliers: What to Look For

Stainless steel plate is used for a variety of applications in which durability, strength, low maintenance, and corrosion resistance are important. It’s used in the construction industry to support building foundations, as well as for the auto manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, transport and aviation industries. Stainless steel plate is also used to provide structural support… Read more »

Update on Nickel Prices

As many of you are well aware, this is a strange and difficult time in the metals business. Demand has been high, inventory has been low, transportation costs have soared, labor is in short supply, and events across the world have been reshaping the way companies of all kinds and sizes now have to do… Read more »

Choosing the Best Stainless Steel Pipe Suppliers

Stainless steel piping has become the norm in industrial settings. The strength inherent in stainless steel, along with its corrosion resistance, makes it the ideal material for pipes that carry chemicals or gasses. Stainless steel is used widely for both indoors and outdoor applications because of its versatility and offers a number of advantages over… Read more »

Stainless Steel Material Selection Guide

Stainless steel is used for applications across a variety of industries, and there are several grades to choose from. Having so many grades of stainless steel available can be overwhelming, and makes selecting the appropriate one for your application challenging. There are several factors to take into consideration when making that choice, so we’ve put… Read more »