What is the Standard Size of Stainless Steel Sheets?

Stainless Steel Sheets

At Atlantic Stainless, we know that our customers count on us for the highest quality stainless steel products for their applications in a wide range of industries, but they also rely on us for helpful information. Although we offer an extensive range of stainless steel product types, one of the most common questions we receive regards stainless steel sheets. Our customers and potential clients often ask “what is the standard size of stainless steel sheets?”. Since the answer to this question is complicated to say the least, we decided to address it in a blog! If you’re curious about the stainless steel sheet sizes, keep reading!

Standard Sizes of Stainless Steel Sheet

While it’s commonly asked what the standard “size” of stainless steel sheets is, we are quick to correct that there are actually a few standard sizes. Like other materials like wood, paper, and fabric, there are a few common sizes that can work for a wide range of applications. When you’re considering ordering stainless steel sheet, the standard sizes you can choose from are 4×8, 4×10 and 5×10. It surprises many to know that these different sizes can also be cut in different ways – and that will affect how they are ordered. For example, these sizes can be plasma cut, waterjet cut, or cut with a band saw or laser. While the end result varies only slightly, a different cutting style might be recommended based on the stainless steel sheet’s intended application.

Customization for Your Steel Sheets

Just because there are “standard” sizes available, doesn’t mean that those are your only options! An expert stainless steel fabricator like Atlantic Stainless will have the capability to offer custom cut sizes based on any client’s specifications. We know that our clients aren’t in the business of cutting steel, so we make it our business to give them what they need. Let’s say you need a 3×6 piece for your application. We would start with our smallest standard size – the 4×8, then cut it to 3×6. It’s that easy! Just because what you want isn’t considered a standard size doesn’t mean it’s not within reach!

Grades, Finishes, and Other Details

Even if you do choose from one of the standard sizes, there are several other details that can customize your order. First, choose your grade. A reliable stainless steel supplier like Atlantic Stainless will offer a wide range of grades to choose from, and even help you choose which is best for your application. Next, you can select your finish. This pertains to how the surface of the sheet is polished. You can choose annealed, which looks smooth but not shiny or select a polished finish. The standard level of polishing is #4, and the highest “mirror” finish is #8.

At Atlantic Stainless, we want to help you get the most from your stainless steel sheet order. Just like the question of “what is the standard size of stainless steel sheets”, we are always happy to answer and offer any information that will help. If you’re ready to begin your order or you simply have questions, contact Atlantic Stainless today!