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Seamless vs. Welded Tubing: What’s the Difference?

Seamless vs. welded tubing represent two different types of stainless steel tubing used in various industrial and commercial construction, structural, medical, and aesthetic applications. Therefore, choosing between seamless vs. welded tubing will depend on the product application requirements. Though seamless and welded stainless steel tubing are common forms of tubing, they differ in a number… Read more »

How is Stainless Steel Tubing Produced?

Stainless steel tubes are often used in applications that need the advantages of stainless steel material – low maintenance, corrosion-resistance, and versatility. Tubing can serve many purposes across a variety of industries, with two major types of stainless steel tube: welded and seamless. Here, Atlantic Stainless covers the production process and the main differences between… Read more »

SS Tubing Fittings for Your Custom Application

Stainless steel tubing fittings are tough, durable products widely manufactured as chromium and steel alloy making them ideal for a variety of projects the require industrial-strength results. It’s the chromium that makes the steel stainless; therefore, resulting in a corrosion resistant product. Because of this, these tubing fittings require less maintenance and stand the test… Read more »

Stainless Steel Tubing for Many Applications

Here at Atlantic Stainless, we’ve been in the business of manufacturing stainless steel tube for so long that you’d think nothing would surprise us, but each new client brings a new story and a unique application! While there are many classic uses for stainless steel tube in the country’s largest industries, there are many applications… Read more »