Stainless Steel Tubing for Many Applications

Stainless Steel Tubing

Here at Atlantic Stainless, we’ve been in the business of manufacturing stainless steel tube for so long that you’d think nothing would surprise us, but each new client brings a new story and a unique application! While there are many classic uses for stainless steel tube in the country’s largest industries, there are many applications that you might never think of. Today we’re going to demonstrate the versatility of the high-quality stainless steel tubing we produce, by exploring the depth of the industries and applications where stainless steel tubing plays an important role.

Tubing in Every Size

One of the reasons why stainless steel tubing is used in so many different ways is because it can be custom-manufactured in an extensive range of sizes and configurations. While some manufacturers specialize in a certain size, others like Atlantic Stainless have the facilities and technology to fabricate it in tiny sizes for use as hypodermic tubing, all the way up to very large sizes for use as pipes and industrial tubes. It’s incredible to imagine that the same product can serve so many potential purposes when its size is changed! The measurements that come into play when choosing the ideal size of tubing for any given application are wall thickness, inner diameter, and outer diameter. Once those are chosen then the tube can be welded and drawn or cut and formed in any length!

The Versatility of Stainless Steel Tubing

Since stainless steel is an ideal metal for sanitization, corrosion resistance, and is not prone to rust, it is well suited for thousands of different uses! To demonstrate just how versatile it can be, we will explore how many ways it can be used in just one type of facility in a single industry; a hospital. Within a hospital, stainless steel tubing of all sizes is used for countless integral processes and operations. The structure of the hospital itself would use stainless steel tube in the form of pipes, ventilation, and drainage, as well as parts of electric wiring components. Within the hospital, large stainless steel tubes can be cut and formed for use as hazardous waste and chemical containers. On a much smaller scale, stainless steel tube can be found in all different types of medical equipment and devices. In fact, stainless steel 304 is the most common material used in medical devices, since it offers antibacterial properties, ease of cleaning, and resistance to corrosion or reaction to bodily fluids. For these reasons, one of stainless steel tube’s most important applications is its use as hypodermic tubing for needles and intravenous devices. Modern hospitals simply couldn’t function without lots and lots of stainless steel tubing!

Tubing Applications in Every Industry

Just considering some of the many uses for stainless steel tubing within a single facility in only one industry demonstrates just how many ways this versatile, customizable product can be used. To fully grasp how integral stainless steel tubing is to our lives, it’s important to consider that it has numerous uses in our homes, including within our appliances, water, heating, and plumbing systems, in our cars, and in the tools we use. Outside of our homes, stainless steel tube plays a role in nearly every industry we rely on, from food and beverage processing to transportation, construction, technology, automotive, and more. Since stainless steel tube can also be formed in square and rectangular configurations, the number of potential uses increase even further. New uses are being found for stainless steel tube every day, and as innovators develop ways to incorporate it in products and inventions, our lives are improved in many ways – some small, and others monumental.

At Atlantic Stainless, we hear about new uses for stainless steel tube all the time. As custom fabricators, we are always willing to work within our clients’ specifications in order to bring their vision to life and create just one more incredible use for stainless steel tube. If you’re ready to tell us how you’ll use stainless steel tube, then we’re ready to manufacture it for you. Just call us or contact us today to get started!