How to Choose the Right Stainless Steel Plate Grade

Stainless Steel Plate Suppliers

When you search for a stainless steel plate, it is important to know the critical differences. Various grades have unique characteristics that make them ideal for specific applications. Many manufacturing and construction projects depend on specific materials, and that is why it is essential to understand and compare grades before purchasing stainless sheets, plates or bars.

For instance, if welding is your chief concern for your stainless steel plate or stainless sheet, the 304 Stainless Steel offers durability and strengthening capabilities. This is also a material grade that performs at relatively high temperatures making it ideal for industrial, architectural, and transportation applications. In comparison, the 316 Stainless Steel is optimal for applications requiring more extreme corrosion resistance. Due to the increased level of molybdenum present in its composition, it increases the corrosion resistance but is not as easy to machine. This material is typically used in applications with proximity to corrosive environments such as acids, chemicals, and salt water. These are just a couple of examples of how stainless steel plate grades offer specific compositions, characteristics, and advantages depending on the application.

Ask the Right Questions Before You Purchase

By understanding the differences in stainless steel plate grades, it allows you to choose with quality in mind and guaranteed to make your project a success. We have provided a list of questions you should answer before you place your stainless steel plate order:

  1. What corrosion resistance is required for the application? Which grades meet corrosion requirements?
  2. What strength is needed? Which grades meet the strength requirements and provide the best durability?
  3. What is the level of machinability required?
  4. What is the availability if the selected alloy? This is often the most overlooked aspect of the selection process and should be given top consideration.
  5. Does the application require customization? What type of cutting, shearing or polishing does it require? How does this grade react to these processes?

At Atlantic Stainless, our experts can provide answers to any of your questions or concerns regarding stainless steel grades and assist you through the purchasing process. Contact us at 800-876-2700 or request a quote for your project today.