Skorr Steel Customers Welcomed to Atlantic Stainless Family

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Atlantic Stainless recently welcomed Skorr Steel, formerly of Brooklyn, NY, as the latest addition to the Atlantic Stainless family. We are proud to have this family-owned company join us, and pleased to be able to offer their customers a continuation of the great service and competitive pricing that is a critical part of our mission.

Skorr Steel was well known for being able to provide some of the more difficult alloys such as 430 plate, both in full plates and cut to size. Here at Atlantic Stainless, we are intent on continuing that service to customers as well as expanding on it.

We have adjusted our inventory to include many of the items Skorr customers have come to depend on in addition to our full line of the more traditional 300 series plate, sheet, flat bar, round bar, angle and other structural items. When you add this to our line of pipe, tubing, and hardware – Atlantic Stainless is truly your one-stop center for stainless steel.

Atlantic Stainless President, Jerry Cohen, called the addition of Skorr “Yet another step in our growth and our intention to better serve our customers.” To ensure a seamless transition for existing Skorr customers, they can enjoy the convenience of still calling the same telephone numbers they have always dialed which have been re-routed to the Atlantic Stainless staff. Even all emails for Skorr Steel will be forwarded to Atlantic Stainless.

As a family-owned and operated business, Atlantic Stainless continues to be a leading distributor of stainless steel materials to a multitude of industries all over the world, utilized in a variety of markets. With the acquisition of Skorr Steel, Atlantic Stainless is the most convenient stainless steel distributor to work with and can provide everything than any of their customers or prospective customers needs. For more information or a quote request, visit our website,, or call us at 1-866-530-8904.