Steel Supplier’s Guide to Nickel Alloy Applications

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Nickel has been used for thousands of years and is one the most versatile materials in the industry. Today it is most commonly utilized in alloys. Due to nickel’s wide solubility range with many different alloy materials, including iron, aluminum, and titanium, makes it a highly used material. It’s slow oxidation rate makes it corrosion resistant and highly heat tolerant, allowing nickel alloys to be extensively used in the most challenging environments.

Typically they are known for their applications in the chemical and aerospace industries, being used for pipes, containers, and equipment that is associated with chemical processing; but nickel alloys can be used in many other industries too.

Safe Waste Treatment Incineration

steel suppliers Nickel alloys are known for resilience and durability in the toughest environments, making them a reliable option for waste treatment incineration. This process oxidizes many materials like sulfur, brominated compounds, fluorocarbons, and chlorinated organics, resulting the production of corrosive gasses and chemicals. Since nickel alloys can withstand these harsh conditions, they allow for incineration to occur while protecting equipment against serious corrosion, acidic condensation, oxidation, and cycling temperatures.

Reliable Emissions Control

One of the most popular usages of nickel alloys, but perhaps not as widely known, is emissions control for the power industry. In the United States, coal-fired power plants play a major role in generating electric power, but the combustion of coal generates a wide variety of pollutants released into the environment. Nickel alloys help with this problem. Absorber towers manufactured with nickel alloys are used to absorb concentrated amounts of sulfuric acid. The use of absorber towers comprised of reliable corrosive-resistant nickel helps companies meet stringent air control laws and comply with EPA rules.

Safe and Durable Professional Grade Cookware

Many people may not realize that nickel alloys are used frequently in the design and construction of commercial food equipment. Like the applications mentioned above, nickel alloys are used in harsh environments including that of the commercial kitchen. Due to the corrosion-resistant properties of nickel, cookware made of this material will remain smooth, intact, and is easy to clean. Industry professionals will not have to worry about the safety of their food products and the durability of their cookware, as food and soiling materials can be removed manually. Best of all, manufacturers of cooking supplies meet ANSI/NSF international standards for food equipment by using nickel alloy materials.

Nickel alloys treat dangerous waste, promote environmental sustainability, and help keep food safe. When customers require versatile protection against extreme elements, nickel alloys can fulfill the role no matter how difficult or challenging the conditions. At Atlantic Stainless, our expert steel suppliers can provide answers to any of your questions or concerns regarding stainless steel grades, materials, polishing, shearing and more. Contact us at 800-876-2700 or request a quote for your project today.