Waterjet Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting: Which Method is Best?

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Steel suppliers and manufacturers use a variety of methods to cut stainless steel. At Atlantic Stainless, we offer two of the most precise processing options for specialty metal processing: Waterjet cutting and Plasma cutting. We often get asked which method is a better choice, but the answer depends on the type of material that is being used, required thickness, and application of the final product.

Save Time with Waterjet Cutting
When you need cutting, structuring, or ablation jobs that require very close tolerance, this process requires little machining to prepare the metal. As the name suggests, the Waterjet cutting process uses high pressurized water to precisely cut through materials.

The process is simply water being shot through a hose at super high speed and intense pressure, that results in a water jet that can reach between 4-17 kilowatts. One of the benefits of water jet cutters is that they can work with pretty much any material and can cut steel up to 6” thick. Our experts will take your design prints and waterjet cut your custom parts giving you the highest quality cut and the maximum material efficiency.

Economic Benefits of Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a great option when you have a tight budget because it is both efficient and economical. This advanced technique is done by using gas or compressed air which is blown at high speed and connected to an electrical arc which is formed through the nozzle, turning elements of the gas into plasma. The plasma is then hot enough to melt the material while also moving quickly enough to blow any molten metal away and creating a clean cut. This form is an economical plate cutting process, and sizes should be left thicker in order to be machined if necessary. Our in-house unit can cut your material up to 3” thick and 8’ wide and 22’ long’. Plasma profiling is very versatile as it is a suitable method for cutting materials such as stainless steel, alloys, aluminium, and ferrous/nonferrous metals. See our high definition Plasma cutter in action in this video.

For Your Next Project, Choose Trusted Steel Suppliers

Since metal is extremely tough and difficult to cut, the method of cutting needs to be specific to the material and final application. At Atlantic Stainless, we can help you choose the best option for your project. Our process is computerized allowing you the convenience to email us your prints and then we will cut your material to your specifications. Contact us for a quote or for more information.